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iPhone App

All you need do is up load 3 Pictures and a description and you've got an iPhone app. All the content is sent from the website automatically, so no boring updating of another platform and we can give you stats on how much it's used.

Facebook App

Connect with Facebook and we automatically build you a tab that uses the content and the look and feel from you website. Any changes to your site are updated automatically and you get all the stats from the tab too.

Content Editor

Update any of the content whenever you want from anywhere, no 'geek skills' needed just type and save

News Feed

Add your news stories and share them across social media platforms

Gig Calendar

Update gigs, include ticket links and details - we even throw the map in for you!

Video Player

We just need a url for a youtube video and we bring all the data across

Music Player

Upload your own tracks. You can chose who hears them, who can buy them and who gets them for free! Best thing is that the music keeps playing when you browse through the site

Photo Gallery

Build as many photo albums as you like

Social Links

You just add your social media links and we'll draw their pretty logos for you

Social Updates

Share what you've just done on the site with your Twitter, FaceBook and mySpace

Fan Management

We let you know what everyone is doing, where they're from and their email addresses!

Email Mail Shots

Mail out to the entire 'opted in' fan base or individual members. We even make them look mighty pretty for you by creating a html version that looks like your website.


Every click made on your site is recorded, and we make it simple to read and understand what your visitors are doing

Digital Store

Upload a track and do with it as you wish - listen only, give it away or sell it. Decide if it is for members only, or the whole world to enjoy


Allow your fans to interact with each other... the whole site is like a massive forum! Just so you know, you can disable this if you want

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