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What is get-ctrl?

Really simply - get-ctrl is your own website

get-ctrl works on the principle that the artist's official website is the focus of all activity; as this is the only place online where everything is owned by the artist. No data is hidden, you control the way it looks and no big corporate fat cat can stick adverts all over it.

So we've built a really easy to use tool for you to build and update your very own website (yes you can use your own domain name) with all the stuff you need. It's got News, Gigs, Biography, Media Players, Digital Store and a Fan Base Management System which includes email campaigns.

From this point information is entered once, then passed to the other platforms which are the key to interacting with the industry and the existing or potential fan base. This saves a huge amount of time and ensures that, where you need it, there is a consistent message across all platforms.

By integrating industry-leading platforms into get-ctrl, it allows get-ctrl to be swift and incisive in meeting the changing demands of the music industry and your fans.

While this is all going on our clever software scurries around and collects all the data about what's going on within your site and with your fans, then presents it back to you in an easy to read format.

By gathering a more accurate view of the fan-base, you know what works and what doesn't.

How much does get-ctrl cost to use?

We want you to think of the fee as buying your mate a drink. If a geeky friend of yours gave you all this;

  • Website hosting
  • An easy to use and update website platform
  • The ability to email your fans
  • Links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Digital Store, Gig Calendar, Contact Page, Music Player
  • Stored all your data and backed it up
  • Supported the platform when you slept

..... giving you more time to play music and not worry about how to glue together loads of different widgets, platforms and online services.........The least you'd do is buy your geeky friend a beer when you saw them in a bar, isn't it?

We went to a gig and bought a beer, it cost £4.00. So that's what we'll set the fee for get-ctrl at, 4 English quids per month.

The cost of get-ctrl will be always directly linked to the cost of a beer. The first month is free so you can try things out for a bit.

What about commission rates?

Our goal is to make get-ctrl as profitable for the artist as possible. We keep things pretty lean so we don't have huge overheads like those of other online stores. So our commission rate is just 8% after any Paypal charges. 

Wait a minute, I just realised I don't even know you. Mum warned me about strangers. Who the **** are you?

there are few stranger than us! we're a company made up of the following ingredients... youth, senility, wisdom, reckless enthusiasm, nerdy geeks, quiet creatives, guitarists, drummers, a squash team captain, djs, promoters, artist managers, ex-corporate whores, a restauranteur, industry panelists and one bed wetter. These guys have been building band websites for 10 years. hundreds of bands have been with us from day one and still are, so we know a lot about what works and what doesn't, that's why we built get-ctrl.

we share the same vision which is to make life easy for people using our tools

Can I customise the way my site looks?

Yes! We have a load of tools built into the 'get-ctrl bar' that allow you to change the way your website is laid out, what colours and fonts to use. We also allow you to upload your own background and banner images and the site still works and everything stays where you want it to be!!

While this is great for most people, we understand that there are the few who just need more... (you know who you are). If this is you then we are more than happy to have a chat and see how we can help you out to make your site really different.

We also have a bunch of happy designers at hand who are craving for your brief - so if you would like a custom website designed (and built) then we can do it for a nominal fee. Take a look at some of the custom sites that they have made.

Can I sell my stuff through get-ctrl?

Of course you can! That is one of the main reasons why we built get-ctrl. It is all about bringing everything together under one roof for you to control and get the data from. We want to make it possible and cost effective for you to run your whole online presence through get-ctrl, no matter how big or small you are.

am i signing up to something that i'm tied into?

No way!!! We believe that if you want to leave then we're not doing something right. If we're not doing something right then you should leave. You can leave whenever you want, it keeps us moving forward and striving to keep you happy.

can i have my own web address?

Oh yes, in fact we want you to. it looks loads better. we make it really simple for you too. you can go and buy a domain name through this link here and we tell you how to apply it in the settings tab

Why should i use this and not myspace, facebook, reverbnation, bandzoogle, top spin, lastfm, bandcamp, wordpress, ilike, bebo or something my cousin's friend at college has built?

that's a good question and one we can't answer because it's up to you, it's your choice. the way we see it is that they all do a job but they all need differing skill sets, experience, mental strengths and levels of patience. get-ctrl is about you being able to use as many of the key plaforms as needed but from one place, whereas managers of bands and artists ourselves we know what works for us and what doesn't. so over the last three years we have used a load of experience to build this platform.

it ticks the boxes for us, it's free, it's easy to use, it links into all the other stuff you have to do, you don't have some big corporate fat cat sticking adverts for viagra all over your site and it looks good.

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